Open-Records Request

        Harmony Area School Department


Open Records Request

On January 1, 2009 Act 3 took effect in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  This is also known as the Open Records amendment to the Pennsylvania Right to Know Law.

Act 3 requires the Harmony Area School District to designate an official open records policy and to ensure compliance with timelines and law.  Act 3 makes all district electronic and hard copy records public except for exemptions such as records of building security, personal safety, medical records, confidential personnel records, labor relations, and criminal investigations.

The following is a list of information for filling out paperwork and seeking answers to inquiries based upon the PA Right to Know Law:

The Open Records Request form is located here.

Visit the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records website:  Here

Any inquiries or submissions in the matter of Public Records can be communicated to:

Mrs. Dara Campbell, Confidential District Secretary, 5239 Ridge Road, Westover, PA  16692

Phone:  814-845-7918  Ext:  152

Email[email protected]

Fax:  814-845-2305