District Administration

5239 Ridge Road,
Westover, PA  16692

District Phone Number


District Fax Number:


Pupil Services

Mr. Matt Bonanno,
Guidance Counselor [email protected] 814-845-2300 Ext: 105

Mrs. Jessie Romagna,
School Nurse [email protected] 814-845-2300 Ext:133

Mrs. Kelley Goss,
School Psychologist [email protected] 814-845-2300 Ext: 126

Mrs. Emily Elbel,
Speech Therapist
[email protected] 814-845-2300

Mrs. Jaclyn Miller,
Literacy Coach / Title I [email protected] 814-845-2300

Mr. Jason Romagna,
Athletic Director [email protected]
814-845-2300 Ext: 102


  Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Ken Jubas

[email protected]

Business Administrator

Mr. Bradley Brothers

[email protected]

K-12 Principal / Technology / Federal Programs

Mr. Douglas Martz

[email protected]

Supervisor of Special Education / K-12 Assistant Principal

Mr. Jason Boring

[email protected]

Maintenance Supervisor

Mr. Guy Kitchen [email protected]

Cafeteria Manager

Mrs. Regina Fry [email protected]