Harmony Area School Board




  School Board members of the Harmony Area School District:
(front row)-Betty Lou Kunsman, Kate Cowden,
Susan Gallaher, Bill Boring,
(back row)-Superintendent Ken Jubas, Board President Nancy Oaks, Board Vice President Shawn McGarvey, Holly Srock, Holly Merritts.

Nancy Oaks
 Region III, Board President
Shawn McGarvey  At-Large, Vice President
Holly Srock
Region I
William Boring
Region I
Region II
Kate Cowden  At-Large
Susan Gallaher
Region III
Betty Lou Kunsman
Holly Merritts
Region II
Dara Campbell
Secretary, non-voting member
Spence & Custer Law Firm
District Solicitor, non-voting member

2024 School Board Meeting Dates
All meetings are at 6:30 pm and held in the L.G.I.A Room

Tue. 01-09-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 02-06-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 03-05-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 04-02-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 05-07-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 06-11-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 08-13-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 09-03-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 10-01-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Wed.11-06-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes
Tue. 12-03-24:  Meeting Agenda              Minutes

2024 Committee Assignments
of the HASD School Board:
(same as previous year)

- William Boring, Shawn McGarvey, Holly Merritts, Kate Cowden

- Susan Gallaher, Kate Cowden, Nancy Oaks, Betty Kunsman

Curriculum - William Boring, Shawn McGarvey, Kate Cowden, Holly Merritts

- Shawn McGarvey, Holly Merritts, Holly Srock, Kate Cowden

Buildings and Grounds - Shawn McGarvey, Susan Gallaher, Holly Srock

- William Boring, Nancy Oaks, Kate Cowden, Holly Srock

Special Representatives:
PSBA Representative:  Susan Gallaher

District Tax Rolls Representative:  William Boring

Admiral Peary Representative:  Nancy Oaks

Admiral Peary Alternate Rep:  Shawn McGarvey

CIU #10 Representative:  Holly Srock

Archived Meeting Minutes

2023 Agendas / Minutes

Tue. 01-10-23:   Meeting Agenda                Minutes
Tue. 02-07-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 03-07-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 04-04-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 05-02-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 06-13-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 08-15-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 09-05-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 10-03-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 11-07-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
Tue. 12-05-23:   Meeting Agenda               Minutes
                                                                Re-Org. Minutes


2022 Agendas / Minutes

Tue. 01-11-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
Tue. 02-01-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
Tue. 03-01-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
Tue. 04-05-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
Tue. 05-03-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
Tue. 06-14-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
Tue. 07-26-22:  Special Voting Meeting                 Minutes

Tue. 08-16-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting         Minutes
Tue. 09-06-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting        Minutes
Tue. 10-04-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting         Minutes
Tue. 11-01-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
Tue. 12-06-22:  Workshop / Voting Meeting          Minutes
                          Re-Organizational Meeting        Minutes

2021 Agendas/Minutes

Tue. 01-05-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES
Tue. 01-26-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES 
Tue. 02-23-21:   Voting Meeting                    MINUTES
Tue. 03-23-21    Special Voting Meeting       MINUTES
Tue. 04-06-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES
Tue. 04-27-21:   Workshop Meeting             
Tue. 05-04-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES
Tue. 05-25-21:   Workshop Meeting             
Tue. 06-08-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES
Tue. 07-27-21:   Special Voting Meeting          MINUTES
Tue. 08-17-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES   
Tue. 09-07-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES        
Tue. 10-05-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES       
Tue. 11-02-21:   Voting Meeting                     MINUTES           
Tue. 12-07-21:   Re-Organizational                MINUTES
                           and Voting Meeting            MINUTES

2020 Agendas/Minutes
Tue. 01-07-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 01-28-20:  Workshop Meeting          
Tue. 02-04-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 02-25-20:  Workshop Meeting          
Tue. 03-03-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 03-31-20:  Workshop Meeting          
Tue. 04-07-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 04-14-20:  Special Voting Mtg.          MINUTES
Tue. 04-28-20:  Workshop Meeting          
Tue. 05-05-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 06-02-20:  Workshop/Special Mtg     MINUTES     
Tue. 06-09-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 07-07-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 07-28-20:  Workshop Meeting          
Tue. 08-04-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 08-18-20:  Workshop/Special Mtg     MINUTES          
Tue. 09-01-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 09-29-20:  Workshop Meeting          
Tue. 10-06-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 10-27-20:  Workshop Meeting          
Tue. 11-24-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
Tue. 12-01-20:  Voting Meeting                MINUTES
                        Re-Organizational Mtg     MINUTES